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From the first impression, driving from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu is quite a tiring, challenging and time consuming. That is true but for those who are used to it, like me, the driving experience is really exciting, thrilling and I am looking towards it almost every year. The journey really teaches me to be disciplined on the road. The first time I heard of it, I myself was filled with disbelief that someone could make it.

I tell you why driving to KK from Kuching is worth an experience for me:
  1. to try something you though is impossible.
  2. learn and see for yourselves the long houses along the way·
  3. to gain driving experience.·
  4. to save cost the journey by flight.
  5. to explore the journey experience via Brunei·
  6. to be able to go anyway in KK and its surrounding area.
  7. to explore beautiful National Park and Kundasang.
The petrol consumption for my Toyota Hilux 2.5 Turbo is roughly RM170 one way. Maybe flight does offer cheap fair but that needs early booking. The MAS ticket to Sabah from Kuching cost us more than RM3,000.00 for the whole family. My wife, who is a Sabahan has a free passage but we prefer driving because it give us freedom to move anyway in KK. We normally open our tickets for the following year back to Sabah. We use it for any occasions preferably for emergency causes.Of course, my first year experience from Kuching via Brunei to KK is a nightmare. Nothing happens actually but the feeling of uneasiness and scared to get out of the track is my number one fear. I would suggest you get some one to draw you a map of Brunei route and how to go about going through the Immigration Check Points. It would be better if you could follow someone who has the experience throughout the journey. Actually there is nothing to worry as long as you apply your driving courtesy on the road you will be saved. You may email me at paulsadai@gmail.com for helps.

The thing you need to do is make yourself a Brunei passport. It costs RM200 per person for 5 years. If you want a group passport, there must be 5 members at least and the cost is also RM200. International passport is also affordable nowadays. Then you have to prepare your car. Make sure that it is in the best condition by servicing it before you go. Actually any cars can do but I strongly feel that a four wheel drive has the advantages due to the condition of the road. That’s why I encourage my friends who have four wheel drives to try your driving across Borneo and even to the tip of Borneo, Tanjung Mengayau in Kudat. But if you guys ask me, I would strongly suggest you go to Kundasang and spend a few nights there. Of course you need a thorough preparation because the chalets need early booking as most of them are fully booked throughout the festive and school holidays.It is most advisable to drive in groups of two, three or more. I am willing to be your anchor whether from Kuching or when you are in KK. Never hesitate to give me a call. I am always there to serve you days and nights. Normally, I'm in KK during the school holidays.

So, this is most likely the journey tips from Kuching to KK via Brunei. We have to start as early as 5.30 am in the morning. If you drive at 90 km per hour you will arrive in Miri at around 5.00 pm. To be specific, you will reach Serian town in not more than half an hour. I would suggest you don’t have to take any breakfast but prepare some biscuits and plain water. This is to avoid you from shooting or peeing along the roadside. But don’t worry you still can stop at most of the small town like Lacau and Sri Aman. After that go straight to Jakar town. You may choose to have your breakfast there or go straight to Sarikei town. From there find your way to Sibu through RM5 toll Lanang Bridge. The journey is very short compare to Durin Bridge.To be continued...

The journey from Kuching to Miri is about 800 km +. The red line in the map below shows the road linking one town to another. It is advisable to spend your night in Miri.

The roundabout before Serian Town. Wash room is also available here.

The journey from Serian to Sri Aman will roughly one hour and a half. The road is just ok. The early you the better coz of less traffic at the time. The picture below is the restaurant at the junction of Sri Aman before you turn right to Betong and Sarikei upwards. Here you can go to the wash room. At one time from my previous experience, we have to stop a few times because we take a heavy breakfast at home. So, my advise to you is not to take anything but get somethings to eat on the road.

Sri Aman Rest Stop

The journey from Sri Aman to Jakar is very comfortable as the road is quite smooth compare to any parts of the road in the state. Below is a snap of Jakar Town. You should be reaching here at 9.30 am and stop for your breakfast or proceed to Sarikei. Actually. I don't like to have my breakfast there because the stalls or restaurant there is very dirty and unhygienic. The food is not nice...am referring to Jakar. Drive along to Lanang bridge. The toll is RM5 but the journey is shorter compare to Durin. Find your way through by asking someone after the bridge. I am sure you can make it to the junction leading you to Bintulu road

Jakar Town
The journey to Bintulu is about two hours plus on an uneven road. Drive carefully and be patience at all time. Some parts of the roads are good. There shouldn't be a problem for a four wheel drive to get through the road. On reaching Bintulu-Miri junction, stop at the coffee shop for a light refreshment. Kuching Bintulu trips need one full tank. Fill in your petrol at Bintulu. After that proceed to Miri which is a 2 hours and 15 minutes drives along the coastal road road. Half way journey towards Miri the road is very bad. There are a lot of bumps and we cannot drive fast. There are many Hotels and Inns in Miri that offer reasobnable room rate. Normally, I prefer to take a cheap but safe place for the vehicles like Tropikal Inn. The rooms rate is from 55 to 75 ringgits.

Miri City
In the view is Imperial Hotel and shopping mall at the heart of the city.

The next morning, I normally drive without taking my breaklfast. This is because I wanted to reach Limbang Town as soon as possible. If you started late, you will get stuck in Kuala Lurah because school holidays also started in Brunei at the same time as ours, so, most of them prefer to spend their holidays in Sabah preferrably in Kundasang, the salem cool country. That's why hotels in KK and else where are fully booked most of the time.

Inorder to cross over to Brunei, we have to driver along ASEAN Bridge. The toll is RM10. It is still under Malaysia.

ASEAN Bridge

This is the one kind of bridge which is high up above the land and river. The tallest in Borneo I guess.

After the toll plaza you will reach Sungai Tujuh checkpoint. The toll plaza cost RM10.

Sungai Tujuh Toll Plaza
This is sg tujuh check point and the other side of Brunei. You need to stamp your passport and declare your car by filling in a form at Brunei Custom check point. To be

able to do that you have to get ready an insurance cover note or the car green card.

Sometimes when the timing isn't right we have to cop with long queues. That's why it is importance to plan your journey ahead. Go early...forget your breakfast...bring buns and water.

After that you will drive along Brunei road. You may choose to use the short cut Tutong road or the long journey through Jerudong Park. I prefer Tutong because I can save time and the route is very simple compare to that of Jerudong Park. Below is the Immigration at Kuala Lurah. This is the worse check point if you happen to arrive around noon because there are so many Bruneian going to and coming from Limbang. This is the view at Kuala lurah from Limbang side.
Kuala Lurah
This is the Sarawak newest check point. So, far this is the best and coolest. You may stop at the 2 stars wash room.

The view of Sarawak Immigration Check point.
Limbang The Cowboy Town and very lively at night.
Limbang is a also a place where you can shop liqours but very difficult to take it out through Brunei. They are as cheap as in Labuan.

Before this Temburong ferry we need to stamp passport at the newest Limbang immigration check point which is not far from here. This is another worse point whereby long queues await if we are not lucky enough.
The other side of Temburong, also in a queue. Sometimes, a forty minutes to one hour and a halfNext is the Puni immigration Check Point, Brunei side.

After that just drive straight and you will reach Labu the end of Brunei before entering Lawas.

Then, we will arrive at Sarawak Immigration check point which is also the newest. It is not in the blog. Below is the Trusan ferry. It is a RM10 ferry.

The bridge is almost 70% complete and is scheduled to complete by the end 2010.
Drive straight until you reach Lawas. You don't have to stop there. Drive till you reach the Sarawak Sabah check point which is the last obstacle that we have to face. Of course it is very tiring and challenging but a thrill awaits us because you have manage to cover almost the whole par of Borneo. Drive straight to Sipitang Sabah, Western, Beaufort, Membakut, Bongawan, Papar and Kota Kinabalu. The distance is very short that is around 400km but it takes another two whole days.

Happy Driving. Follow the same routes on your journey back to Kuching.
Enjoy life!
Explore Borneo.
Nothing Is Impossible
When the love is at the edge of the reef, you better win it back and make it as romantic as your first romance...(Sadai -Friday is the night as suggested to all the turoi n kanang group)
This article is especially dedicated to all the 4x4 owners listed below :
  • Mr Beken Jenet of Matang Jaya(Head of the Trans Borneo Expedition)
  • Mr Simson Suimi of MJC
  • Mr John Mansion of BDC
  • Mr Jonathan really ak ok
  • Mr Govinder D'Troi
  • Mr Cosmas D'Troi
  • Mr Geoffrey Sri Aman of Tabuan Jaya
  • Mr Ang of Green Rd
  • Mr Benedict Set of Matang Jaya
  • Mr Murphy JR of Tawau/Quap
  • Mr Laneng Yal of Lahad Datu/Rasau
  • Mr Geoffrey S Sikajat
  • Mr Ben James of Papar
  • Mr Dennis Lajahim of Papar.
  • Mr Henry James of Tawau
  • Mr Ignatius Lajahim of Papar.
  • Mr Jites Ringos of Padawan
  • Mr Christopher of Limputong Papar
  • Mr Ephraim Lajahim of Papar
  • Mr Alexander Mandi of Serian
  • Mr Henry Barry of Green Wood Park
  • Mr Sanada of Tabuan Jaya
  • Mr Micheal gumbek of Bau
  • Mr Gabriel J Aton of Peraya
  • Mr Mark Linton Aton of Miri
  • Mr Gerald J Aton of Sandakan/Peraya

I can be reached at paulsadai@gmail.com

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  1. Thanks for the guide. I had always been thinking of driving from kch to kk and then tawau one day after I graduate. Nowadays, with the help of google earth, wikimapia and garmin, I think it will be a lot easier than before. I used them to help me explore debak, pusa, beladin, sesang and even serikin, wind cave and fairy cave.

  2. Thanks jingpengboy for the interest and comments in A DRIVING GUIDES FROM KUCHING TO KK VIA BRUNEI. Yr response surely encourages me to write more soon. Actually a few of my friends do have the intention to drive.

  3. Route frm Kuching to Pontianak pls!

  4. Hi! simson right now no planning to go to Pontianak. Plan the Trans Borneo trip first. Sabah has many to offer. tq.

  5. Tak sabar mau driving to sabah end of this year hehehe! Really helpful guides.

  6. I agreed that Sabah has a lot to offer and we kept on going back.

    I drove from Kuching to Sabah and other towns and we enjoyed the trips very much. We went there in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Planning another trip this coming June, as the previous trips were in Nov-Dev (wet season).

    The trips were enjoyable as the fun started in the planing and before departing from Kuching.

  7. Hi frens,
    I agree with Samuel. Sabah is a nice place to visit. I tell you that its beyond explanation. When you are there, there then you will undertstand. I hope the guides is a great guides to the beginner. But Samuel, this is the fifth times I drive to Sabah.

  8. If you are interested to know more, feel free to ask. Tq.

  9. Till today I notice that a lot of people are checking the driving guides from Kuching to KK, therefore, I feel that I am going upgrade the pictures coz they very tiny. wait and see.

  10. my uncle and his wife along with her 5 relatives, my cousin and i have been to sarawak from kk using cars last year. but we did not make it to kuching instead we made it to miri, stayed for 2 nights and rushed back to kk. anyway it was still a great journey. still remember all the check points and we've kinda lost at brunei for awhile but glad we'd found the right route. believe it or not, we'd only use the map given by my brother that he draw himself.the map is actually a route from sibu to kk and we need to refer the map in the opposite way on our way to sarawak =D

  11. thank you for your guide. it is really useful for me to plan my journey to limbang.but i afraid my car (proton iswara)cannot run for this long journey.

  12. Thx Bro Paul Sadai for the blog and answers. My friend and I will be driving by 4 wheel on Oct 12. Stopping Brunei overnight. Then overnight at Miri b4 heading for Ulu Baram. Overnight at Ulu Baram. Then we proceed to Saratok/Sarikei. Overnight there too. Then only proceed to Kuching. What would you advise us. First time going on such track. Your advice is much appreciated. Jim

  13. Nice blog on Kch to KK drive. I also went thru the same journey which took me about 3 days (from Kuching To Semporna)an end to end journey on borneo island. The only part on the journey that I hate, is the path from Bintulu to Miri which filled with lots of pot holes and uneven road. As I was using a sedan car with 205/40/17 tires. I hope to go thru it again next time but with a four by four or a fatter tires. :)

  14. Thanks for coming to the blog and thanks fr sharing yr experiences with me n fr everybody to read. Everything is possible. No matter what car u use, prepare yr yourself fr the trip. I only hate the Bintulu part. Next is Brunei side. I am sure the Bruneian agree with me that they do curse the gov't for not doing immediate actions on the queue. I enjoy the thrill in driving. Thanks. Pliz do comments.

  15. Thank you for this information.Would it be quicker through all the checkpoints on a motorcycle or do bikes queue with the cars?

  16. I agree, lets go green to save our mother nature and to avoid disaster.

    Hoteis Em Joao Pessoa

  17. If you are riding a bike you don't have to queue but to cut queue. Park yr bike and straight stamp yr passport.

  18. Hi Paul,
    I rode a motorcycle from KK to Kuching last month(April)I took 2 days for the trip.After a few days visiting Kuching,I rode from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu in one day.17 hours in total.It was a fun trip.Your advice was very helpfull to me.Being an Australian,passport control was a little more complicated but the officials were very friendly and helpfull.Getting a multi-enry visa for Brunei on the way down saved some time.
    Thank you very much

  19. Congratulation Peter for conquering Borneo with your bike.

  20. Thank you for the info Paul. It's great! I am planning to drive from Miri down to Kuching in few weeks time. I have done it before but only as a passenger, this time I am going to drive myself and my fiance.. We are looking forward and excited. Is there any advise from you? Perhaps, to sleep over in Sibu and continue our journey the next day? That's what we are thinking about.. I am experienced driver but yes, Borneo is just a bit different.. :)

    Anyways, thanks in advance.

    Silvie (Czech Rep.)

  21. Thanks Paul for the guide, it's a great help. Is planning to drive over to KK this coming dec. hope we don't lost our way, ha ha ha.

    Addlance (Kuching)

  22. Hi Paul! I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. Great tips and pictures. My family always do a Malaysian road trip every 2 years, but mainly on West Malaysia, so I thought next year I wanna do something different and try East Malaysia, so your article is very handy. One question, is Bandar Seri Begawan worth an overnight stop on the way to Sabah? If I want to go to Sandakan, do you suggest I do that en route to KK from BSB or should I go to KK first, and then do a round trip to Sandakan? Thanks!


  23. Hi Paul, great info. Am planning KK-KCK-KK convoy with family members towards the end of May hoping to catch the Gawai Festival. Thank you very much for the tips. Goes a long way surely in planning for the trip. As said the fun begins from the planning stage, what more when the actual travelling period begins, very exciting I must say although I suppose hope for the best and expect the worst, that way you are prepared at all times. Thank you very much once more, I am looking forward very much to this trip. All the best and best regards. DNL, Sabah

  24. Ya, as always, I love driving very much. But to be committed to it you need to have a good car. I may have to slow down activities coz so busy so busy lately. But I am still here...waiting for good opportunity. Need more money. Come over...you pay I will be your eyes, hands and feet. Ya once a while taste our Bidayuh uniqueness , can show you around, rafting...etc

  25. Thank you so much for the information.. I thinks this is more than enough for me to drive from kch - kk with confident.. Just little bit worry about road at Brunei.. -Sylvia Jite-

  26. Hi Paul ,
    Thank you for this post . Well written .
    I m from KK . Was thinking to going to Kuching to get a puppy .
    Can my puppy pass through the check points ?
    Will they thoroughly check my car in check point ?
    ( thinking of hide the puppy all the way to kk )
    Kindly advice on this .

  27. Well Done!.. You done a good job.. Nice sharing.. Anyway.. I've also wanna share with you a little bit about DURIN road during my time, in 1997, it more Adventure, Tiring and of course nightmare for some, but for me that was the expedition that I'll never forgot. and it will be my beautiful memory ever. It just like you playing in OFF ROAD. with 4x4 Monster We reach SABAH and back to KUCHING safely. Lucky nothing bad happend. We take 3 days Journey. cos wanna leave our memory in every pit stop.

    For those who not feel yet the MOTHER NATURE, Plan and GO FURTHER.

  28. One day I'll drive from KK to Kuching after my 4wd is really in a good condition :)

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